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Daily Rentals

Maximum 24 hours with up to 8 hours of machine usage.

Weekly Rentals

1 week from the day the rental starts, up to but not including the same day in the next week, with up to 40 hours of machine usage

Monthly Rentals

1 month from the day the rental starts, up to but not including the same date in the next month, with up to 176 hours of machine usage. "We don't believe in a 28 day month"!

Pickup and dropoff:

Monday to Friday - 7am to 4:00pm
553 Hillside Ave
Currently closed on Saturday, Sundays and holidays.


What identification is required? 
A valid British Columbia driver’s license is required for ALL rentals.
How does payment work? 
Required at time rental item is returned or picked up. We accept Visa, Master Card, Interac and E-Transfer.
Is a deposit required? 
Deposits vary per item. Deposit refunded on return of rental item.
How are metered items charged? 
Rates for rental items equipped with hourly meters are based on 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, and 176 hours per month. Additional usage will be charged accordingly.
How are excess hours billed? 
These are charged at 1/8,1/40 or 1/176 of the rental rate for the period.
How can I tell what tools are available? 
Please call for item availability for the most accurate information.
Can I make a reservation? 
Reservations are welcome! Please call to make one.
How can I get a price? 
Prices are subject to change occasionally so please call up to date quotes.
What happens if a rental breaks? 
If during one of our rentals you experience an operational problem with our equipment, please notify us immediately so we can get you up and running and review the contract if any credit or adjustment will be due.
Do you deliver and pick up rentals? 
Delivery and pickup is available five days a week. Rates vary depending on the type of equipment and location being delivered to. If you prefer, you may pick up and return your rental items to our location at 553 Hillside Ave. 
Due to COVID, please call prior to picking up or dropping off equipment so we can be prepared.
What responsibility do renters have? 
Responsibility for rental items remains with the customer from delivery to return. All items should be secured and protected from the weather. Additional charges for replacements are made for missing or damaged items.
General Information: 
Sales taxes are additional to the base rates. Rates are based on pickup at 553 Hillside, unless delivery is requested or confirmed at original time of order. 

Rental begins when the machine leaves our yard and continues until it is returned. We are not responsible for downtime due to bad weather conditions, etc. 

Note: These policies do not supersede what is stipulated in the signed rental contract.
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