If it’s broken, let us fix it!

As one of the last repair shops in Victoria that offers timely service for pressure washers, power tools, small engines, and saws, our team of skilled mechanics are here to help you get more out of your equipment.

Experience best-in-class tool repair & maintenance services at Aral Rentals.

Common tools we repair include:

 Power Tools  •  Pressure Washers   •  Lawnmowers  •  Blowers  •  Trimmers  •  Augers • Small Engines  •  Saws • Tillers  •  Pumps  •  Electric Powered Motors  •  And Much More! 

Expert Repairs, Lasting Results.

We go the extra mile to provide top-of-the-line services and to source the parts you need to ensure your tools continue to function - an economical choice compared to buying new. Trust our expert mechanics to delivery high-quality repairs that prolong the life of your equipment while saving you money.

Our Process:

1) Intake - Upon receiving your tools, our staff will note down the important details of you equipment. Email us to inquire about our pick-up options.

2) Assessment - Our mechanics run through a comprehensive assessment to accurately assess issues.

3) Part Sourcing - Benefit from our seamless access to quality parts & our sourcing networking that stretches North America.

4) Maintenance/Repair - At the core of our approach is a precise process to get your hardware functioning optimally.

5) Hand Over - Once your tools are operational they await you at our shop. Just like the intake process, we can schedule a drop-off to your location.

What Our Customers Are Saying...


"Aral Rentals fulfills an invaluable service by stepping up to be a rare providers of tool repairs in Victoria. It was obvious from my first visit that their staff is committed to a high level of customer service - going out of there way to provide the expertise and parts when no one else would.” – Jim C.

Maintainence Services Include:

Blade Sharpening • Tune Ups • Oil Checks & Changing • Carburetor Replacements • Spark Plug Replacements • Cleaning

Have Another Problem?

Tool Rentals

Is your project is time sensitive? You can rent from our inventory while your equipment gets repaired, keeping your job on track.

Rent a Replacement

Transportation Services

Sometimes moving your tools is the hardest part. Let us make your day even easier by picking-up or dropping off your repairs.

Transportation Options

Labour Assistance

Help can be hard to come by. At Aral Rentals, we are happy to assist you whenever your project needs an extra set of hands.

An Extra Pair of Hands Sounds Nice

Call us at today  250-590-3070  OR email us [email protected]

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