Bobcat Sweeper - 72"


Clean parking lots, sidewalks, docks and warehouses. Use the collection edge to scrape mud and other caked-on materials from roadways, driveways and other jobsites. Collect and deposit material instead of �throwing� it or windrowing for bucket collection. The sweeper�s hydraulic motor spins durable bristles mounted to its rotating drum. Powerful flicking action sends dirt and debris flying into the attachment�s collection bucket. Bristles spin in either direction. When moving the loader in reverse, you can scrape mud and caked-on debris with the bucket wear-edge as you sweep the material into the bucket � similar to sweeping with a hand broom and dustpan. When traveling forward, the bristles send material flying forward against a rubber flap. From there, materials travel over the top of the bristles and into the bucket. When forward sweeping, keep the wear edge above the surface for optimum performance and wear edge life.