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Mini Excavator - 4 Ton "Call for pricing"


The ET42 mini-excavator combines proven technology with a large dose of innovation to lead the 4-metric ton class. It has the usual high lifting and digging forces, as well as fast work cycles. Thanks to modern technologies, emissions are reduced while efficiency is increased. The ET42's powerful engine meets Stage V emissions standards. The intuitive operating concept means this powerhouse is both user-friendly and comfortable for the operator, while offering an excellent view of the working area. Travel speed - 3.0 mph Length - 202.75" (16'10.75") Width - 68.95" (5'8.95") Height - 98.26" (8'2.26") Digging depth (max.) - 139.63" (11'7.63") Operating weight (min.-max.) - 8,888.95 - 10,634.99 lb

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