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Telescopic Wheel Loader


The powerful 8085T is equipped with a Deutz engine and the telescopic loading system allows more reach as well as stacking height. In order to continue to provide good visibility at these heights, the loading system is designed for optimum visibility. In addition, the undivided vehicle frame of this model also ensures constant payload and stability. Bucket Tipping Load Standard Bucket - 6,349.3 lb Bucket Width - 76.8" (6'4.8") Bucket Capacity (Heaped) - 1.1yd� Dimensions Ground Clearance - 13" (1'1") Width Over Tires - 70.1" (5'10.1") Height To Top Of Cab - 97.6" (8'1.6") Wheelbase - 79.5" (6'7.5") Hinge Pin (Max Height) - 184.7" (15'4.7") Reach At Max Lift And Dump - 42.5" (3'6.5") Overall Length - 231.1" (19'3.1") Travel speed - 12.4 mph

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